Monday, January 5, 2015

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The city of Lawrence is seeking to fill the position for a new director of Arts and Culture.  After a mere three months, Christina McClelland has resigned.  According to a Lawrence Journal World article from December 30,  McClelland states that she will rejoin her husband in Denver. Will the city of Lawrence hire locally this time?

Ladybird Diner has reported an update to Larryville Artists on the missing or stolen salt shaker. One of two characters from the movie Up,  the salt shaker has not been found or returned.  Via Twitter, @ladybirdiner writes "Think she's a goner. Shopping for a stand-in wife to help him pass the time "
Many local residents expressed disapproval of the theft on social media. Most heard comment "Who would do that?"

Part of a set of salt shaker that is at Lady Bird Diner

Pic of "stand-in-wife"
from @Ladybirddiner

The Lawrence City Commision will approve or deny a proposal from The East Lawrence Neighborhood Association regarding  ELNA's role in participation in the 9th Street Corridor Project. ELNA outlined specifics of the participation in a letter to the commision in December.  ELNA will re-submit the proposal to the commission after clarification of items.
After the initial letter was submitted to the city commision, eitorials in the LJ World and eyewitnesses reports to recent City Commission meetings indicate turmoil and rifts between the stakeholders in the 9th Street Corridor Project. 

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