Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where is Life Drawing in Lawrence?

Models at a Thieves Guild drawing session

Lucky for us, there are many life drawing opportunities in Lawrence.  Not only are sessions available to anyone, they are affordable.  All have one simple rule: Bring drawing supplies.  Here are three with our description.

Open Drawing at KU
4th Floor of Art and Design
Price: Free
Our description: Traditional academic poses, big drawing easels, and natural lighting characterize Open Drawing. A sink provides water for watercolor or clean-up.  Sessions are good for building a portfolio. Open Drawing, facilitated by KU grad students who sometimes "space off" their shift, is spottty in availability.
Dates: Open drawing is from 11am to 2pm on February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, and May 2nd.

Thieves Guild Open Drawing
Price $5.00
Our Description: The Thieves Guild meets at Fatso's every first Monday night of the month. Drawing sessions have a theme encompassing a decorated stage, costumed models, and music.  A drawing contest is at every event. Photographers are welcome.
The Thieves Guild is an alternative to academic drawing.  Socializing is acceptable.
See The Theives Guild Facebook Page here:

Life Drawing: Lawrence Arts Center
Price: 8 weeks $275-$315
Our description: Want to study with an instructor? Louis Copt and Jeff Ridgeway both teach life drawing classes for many levels at The Arts Center.  The current session has started for these classes, but new ones will be available after spring break.
See the Arts Center adult education classes here:

Winners of the October Thieves Guild Drawing Contest

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