Sunday, January 4, 2015

Things we are loving right now

Tonja Torgerson Vice III

We love the current series of silk screen prints titled Vice by Tonja Torgerson.  The Vice series, still in progress, reflect an art nouveau poster style.  

We chatted with Tonja in the print studio of the Lawrence Arts Center where she is the current printmaking artist in resident.  She told us that she is originally from Minneapolis and Minnesota, but has been in many locations in recent years. 

Our staff researcher found this interesting interview Tonja gave last year with Forget Good Magazine: 
I think of my work as a blend of figurative, street art, and traditional printmaking practices.  Printmaking has historically been a means for sharing art and images with the greater populace, so printmaking has continually been used as a means for street art.  

Look for more of Tonja's work at Wonder Fair Gallery and in an upcoming June show at LAC.  See her website here:

Tonja Torgerson Vice I

Photos we are loving

Jen Young's purple Ursula crown

Detail from Leslie VonHolten's new house

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