Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Letter Writing is Alive and Well in Lawrence

Letter writers using a typewriter at The Letter Writing Club

The letter writing club proved that the art of letter writing is alive and well in Lawrence, Kansas, when members packed tables at Decade Coffee Shop on Sunday. The crowd came prepared with elaborate writing utensils, admirable stationery, and stamps. Some members typed on typewriters.  

Marie traveled from Lee Summit Missouri for The Letter Writing Club.  She told us "Letter writing gives me an excuse to write letters to people I should, meaning loved ones. It's not the same as an e-mail or a phone call. They will just have to accept my atrocious hand writing. "

Mobile stationary brought by Wonder Fair

First grade cousins Fiona and Dexter had an array of composing equipment spread out including colored pencils and different types of pens. My query about Dexter's attendance elicited an eye roll and the response, "My mom wanted me to come to write Christmas thank you notes."

First graders Fiona and Dexter at The Letter Writing Club

Charlotte busy at a typewriter

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