Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Exciting News and Thieves Guild Pics

Although it is cold outsie, the news for Lawrence is hot.  Mike Anderson, host of the Channel 6 Not So Late Show  tweeted this yesterday: 
Today I filed the paperwork to run for Lawrence City Commission. I love this town. I can't wait to give u my all. 
He has our vote!   And, we want a sign for our yard. 

Our staff backing of this candidate is based on our eye witness account of the marathon 66 hour Not So Late Show attempt this past summer. Anderson was not only awake on the air for many hours, but interviewed guests with amazing alertness.  We feel Anderson displays heart and stamina and a disposition to think big. 
Read LA's coverage of the marathon show here:

An interesting and refreshing group of candidates have filed for city commission. Here is a list so far:  Leslie Soden, East Lawrence advocate and former ELNA board member ( see her election webpage here: ) twitter at #voteleslie; Stuart Boley, a retired IRS agent; Stan Rasmussen, an attorney for the U.S. Army; Matthew Herbert, a Lawrence High School government and civics teacher ( hear an interview with him here: ); and Justin Priest, a Lawrence bus driver and leader of the local transit union (read the LJ world article about him here
Pics from the Thieves Guild Drawing Session on Monday

Photo by Dave DeHetre

Photo by Dave DeHetre

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