Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Direction for The Larryville Chronicles

A huge development has hit Lawrence in the past 24 hours.  The famed @larryvillelife has announced a metamorphosis for his blog The Larryville Chronicles.  Read his latest blog post here:
The Larryville Chronciels has consistently reported on LFK events since April of 2008.

The post titled Out with The Old and In with The New explains the new direction for the blog.  There will be fewer reports about weekday and weekend events.  Future posts will have a more "critical" lens approach.   We will also hear less from Chip, although surely he will have some cameo appearances in the future.

Change and progress are good things.  @Larryvillelife explains "Yes, it's kind of nice to have the same material and photos here as a more permanent 'museum' for LFK's joys and pains, but we're finding it more pain than joy to invest the time in that."

We look forward to seeing the new blog format for The Larryville Chronicles in upcoming weeks

Photo of Wayne Propst from an August 2010 Larryville Chronicles post 

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