Friday, January 2, 2015

Karen Matheis: Blue January Series

Karen Matheis Blue January Series

A new series of paintings by Karen Matheis "Reflect the stillness and silence of a January morning after snowfall."  The series is called Blue January.   Colors include bright blues and subtle violets.

We went to Matheis' studio to look at her new work, and discuss upcoming projects.  She is busy with new paintings, some of which are large, over five feet.  We see a palette with many shades of white and strips of paper with hues of purple and pink.  She told us she is experimenting with the possibilities of glazing color over parts of her canvas.  " I am layering bands of misty color. This process is time consuming, but the effects are magnificent."

More of her work can be see here:

Karen Matheis  Blue January Series

Karen Matheis Blue January Series

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