Friday, January 2, 2015

Mystery at Ladybird and Upcoming Events

Ladybird Cafe
We need all the luck we can get, so on January 1 we went to straight to the source by ordering Hoppin' John at Ladybird Diner. 
A present mystery shrouds the Ladybird.  A beloved salt shaker is missing.  Part of a set depicting two characters from the movie Up, the shakers show the two characters kissing when placed together. The diner reported the missing salt shaker on Facebook on December 30.   We will follow through with this mystery, and report back with any updates. 

Hoppin' John special on January 1

Part of a set of salt and pepper shakers.  

Dean Monkey at the Replay Friday
One of our favorite bands, Dean Monkey and The Dropouts will be playing at the Replay on Friday starting at 10 p.m.   Will they be playing doo-wop?
Other bands on the bill are Arc Flash and The Sharp 9.  More information can be found here:

Thieves Guild Monday
The first session of the 2015 Thieves Guild Drawing will be Monday at Fatso's.  Live models pose in costume for a mere $5.00.  Bring sketch pads and drawing supplies.

More information for this event can be found here:

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